Peninsula Trail

Indiana Natural Areas: Monroe County

Lake Shore at the end of the Peninsula Trail

Lake Shore at the end of the Peninsula Trail

The Peninsula Trail begins at the Grubb Ridge trailhead (N 39 01.982 W 86 20.468) and ends near the tip of a peninsula that juts into Monroe Lake. Campsites dot the northern and western shores of the peninsula, and this is a very popular weekend spot during the warmer months. Many of the folks who camp here came by water rather than packing in from the trailhead. This probably explains the elaborate tents, lighting, and all sorts of other heavy and occasionally noisy equipment that may be on display or in use on an otherwise nice warm evening. Your luck may be better during the week, or in cooler weather. During a late-October weeknight trip I appeared to have the place to myself, and enjoyed a great sunset, views of the Milky Way, and a chorus of coyotes somewhere in the distance. Flat stones line Monroe Lake’s shore – they’re great for skipping - and the sound of the waves striking and jostling the rocks has a certain tranquilizing effect. On the way back you’ll need to regain the three or four hundred feet of elevation you lost getting out to the peninsula, but overall the hike is not terribly strenuous and it works as either a long day hike or a short overnight expedition.

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