Moyer-Gould Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Carroll County

From the parking area, walk west along a tree-lined lane, toward the main part of the preserve. Bear sharply right onto a footpath that will soon veer left and begin descending through recent woods. Continue until you encounter the principal trail junction, inside an area of older trees. Turn right. The trail will meander a bit as it skirts the edges of several rather deep ravines. Maples dominate, but large beech, sycamore, and oak trees also stand in and around the ravines. Eventually the trail descends toward the Tippecanoe River via a series of switchbacks. It follows the river downstream through floodplain forest; listen for warbling vireo in late spring. Homes are visible on the opposite shore. Eventually the path takes a sharp left and climbs back out of the valley toward the initial junction point.

TRAIL MAP (Click to enlarge)


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