Mengerson Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Allen County

Purple Trillium

Purple Trillium

Mengerson is an ACRES preserve that offers trails through a partially wooded preserve set in a densely populated area, and the property seems to see a fair amount of use. The parking area is just a little grassy strip between two houses on Stellhorn; at first glance, it looks like an overgrown vacant lot. Head north and youíll soon cross a small stream before entering the rather extensive trail network. The northern end of the preserve is wooded and is home to some surprisingly large trees. Despite a fair amount of free-form trailblazing, there is a respectable display of spring wildflowers here, including mayapple, green dragon, bloodroot, jack-in-the-pulpit, purple trillium, and Solomonís seal. On the other hand, Iíve never seen many ferns here. Mud can be a problem, as can mosquitoes. The trail system connects at several points to adjacent residential streets, as well as to the back of a small strip mall to the east; beware informal paths that end up in adjacent yards.

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