Meltzer Woods

Indiana Natural Areas: Shelby County

Meltzer Trail

Meltzer Trail

I can’t provide a better description of this National Natural Landmark than is found in Lindsey et al. (1970): “Although not the largest original forest stand in Indiana, Meltzer Woods is not surpassed as a museum-piece forest with particularly fine, large individual specimens.” Oaks, maples, and beech trees are particularly striking; with lots of pawpaw in the understory. The Meltzer family acquired the woods in the mid-19th Century, and these amazing trees remained under their care until 2014, when the Central Indiana Land Trust, with the help of many others, purchased the sixty-acre property.

The trail system consists of two connected short-stemmed lollipops that offer access to much of the property. Short boardwalks cross streams or wet areas. The formerly spectaculare wintercreeper infestation is well under control, and I expect the already decent spring wildflower displays to improve substantially with time. Whether or not they will be able to compete with the trees for the attention of visitors is another question entirely.

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