McNabb-Walter Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Allen County



There are two trails at this ACRES Land Trust property. The southwestern trail is a relatively short figure eight that passes by some mature oaks and offers views from the top of a bank overlooking the adjacent St. Joseph River. It’s nice enough, but probably would not be enough by itself to justify the trip. Fortunately, this preserve is a twofer.

A second, much longer trail extends from another parking area along Davis Road. It is also a figure eight of sorts and passes through an impressive stand of mature trees, including what ACRES describes as “an old growth maple woods”. Of course, other tree species are present, as is an excellent array of spring wildflowers including large-flowered trillium, toadshade, and Solomon’s seal, among others. This part of the preserve is definitely worth the trip.

TRAIL MAP (Click to enlarge)


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