Loon Lake Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Steuben County

Loon Lake

Loon Lake

Though you may not see them, pitcher plant, purple bladderwort, and other rare plants live at Loon Lake. A wide mowed path leads away from the gate and is the most direct route to the “shore”. However, a side loop branches off to the right just beyond the gate and provides a wooded alternative. The two paths soon reunite and proceed gradually downward through woods toward the lake. Small boards extend a few feet into progressively wetter areas. In the warmer months when the cattails are at their greatest extent the best views of the lake may be from the slopes before you reach the water’s edge. In winter or spring, when the cattails are beaten down, you may be able to see across the considerable expanse of the lake, though the view is compromised somewhat by the homes that line the far shore.

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