Kokiwanee Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Wabash County

Fawn Lake

Fawn Lake

Kokiwanee is a former Girl Scout Camp that lies along the Salamonie River, just downstream of Salamonie Lake. Itís now a large ACRES Land Trust preserve (about 140 acres) that boasts an extensive and complex trail network. My attempt to sketch that network appears on the opposite page. Three small streams flow from the preserve into the Salamonie River; each tumbles over a waterfall along the way. Of the three, Kissing Falls is by far the largest and most reliable; access to Kissing Falls is very convenient via the tailwater entrance, described below. The other falls are decidedly less impressive, can be a challenge to view, and may slow to a trickle in the drier months.

Fawn Lake lies in the east-central part of the preserve and is exceptionally pretty. Most of the trails are through wooded areas. Expect to see shagbark hickory, beech trees, and sycamores, the latter especially along the Salamonie River floodplain. The trails closest to the river can be good for spring wildflowers. Trout lily, toadshade, Dutchmanís breeches, pepper-and-salt, hepatica, and other species grace the floodplain and adjacent slopes.

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