Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run

Indiana Natural Areas: Wabash County

Ross Run

Ross Run

The Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run is an ACRES property that protects about 70 acres in Wabash County. Ross Run is a delightful creek that flows north along part of the eastern edge of this preserve. As it heads toward the Wabash River, Ross Run falls over a multitude of small drops formed by layers of eroding rock that form the bed of the creek. In summer months, dragonflies and damselflies dart and flutter over the sun-dappled scene.

The overall trail system is a set of four loops variously attached to each other and totaling about two miles. The trail that heads north from the parking area soon branches. Veer to the right to shadow, now closer, now farther, Ross Run. The trail climbs along bluffs overlooking the creek and makes a large detour around a small but very pretty waterfall formed by a tributary of Ross Run. You’ll soon emerge from the woods and find yourself next to a large white pine plantation.

The pine plantation is of limited interest, but the more natural woods host good spring wildflower displays that include snow trillium, toadshade, trout lily, and hepatica. Further south, a large meadow with scattered trees is home to a wide variety of birds – sparrows, kingbird, and meadowlark - as well as plants more suited to open country.

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