Hammer Wald Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Allen County

Hammer Wald Sign


The Herman F. Hammer Wald Nature Preserve consists of more than 90 acres in two connected but distinct parts. The southeast parcel, adjacent to the parking area, is former farmland planted with trees and now reverting to forest. The trees in this area are still quite young but growing fast. During the warmer months, the riot of life may include clouds of biting flies and dense stands of briars and plants with sticky seeds that overhang the trail in spots.

As the canopy fills out, it will no doubt begin shading the dense undergrowth, and this area will gradually assume more of the character of the mature forest that occupies the northwestern portion of the preserve. Here, the trees are much larger, and the forest interior is dark enough to have an almost gloomy aspect. As a result, the forest floor is much more open. The trail through these woods is wide but potentially muddy in spots. Keep an eye out for the massive oak just to the outside of the northern portion of the loop.

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