Frog's Glory Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Carroll County



The focus of this NICHES preserve seems to be meadows and prairie restoration. Tall grasses dominate the areas closest to the parking area, though coneflower, goldenrod, and partridge pea are also well-represented. Paths to the south form a set of joined loops that allow close inspection of the meadows and perhaps incipient prairie. I should note that many of these paths are mowed and my experience, for what itís worth, is that mowed paths are very much subject to change. So, take the trail sketch below with a very large grain of salt.

One charming feature is a small free library along the side path to the banks of the Tippecanoe River. Along with volumes free for the taking, there are also several plant identification books that visitors are asked to return before leaving the preserve.

TRAIL MAP (Click to enlarge)


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