Flowing Well Park

Indiana Natural Areas: Hamilton County



Roads and residential development largely surround Flowing Well Park, yet it offers an opportunity to stroll amongst large trees and numerous spring wildflowers. Most visitors never get past the artesian well, but several joined loops extend west through woods adjacent to Cool Creek. In spring, this area is home to one of the nicest Virginia bluebell patches Iíve seen in Indiana. Other wildflowers include Dutchmanís breeches, squirrel corn, jack-in-the-pulpit, bloodroot, purple trillium, and toadshade. Wild ginger thrives, and its heart-shaped leaves carpet large areas well into fall. Thereís a substantial patch of puttyroot, and if you know where to look (hint: the leaves are visible only during the colder months) youíve got a decent chance of seeing at least one of these orchids blooming in the spring. Yellow-throated warblers nest in the towering sycamores; listen for them in the spring. Owls are also present. Unfortunately, the trails are showing signs of the heavy use they receive, and occasional floods have also taken a toll. Traffic noise is constant, often obtrusive, and getting worse as the area develops.

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