Fisher Oak Savanna

Indiana Natural Areas: Jasper County



Fisher Oak Savanna is more than a savanna. Trails pass through selected portions of this 200+ acre preserve that includes a large pin oak flatwoods, sand prairie, and a dozen acres of black soil prairie. The latter was once under cultivation and is undergoing restoration, as are parts of the sand prairie. Expect to see large oaks and sassafras, lots of ferns, and plentiful bird life. This is a varied and scenic preserve that NICHES Land Trust has put much effort into restoring and expanding.

I find the extensive trail system occasionally confusing. Some of the paths appear to be of an informal or maintenance nature, and some connect to neighboring private property. Keep an eye out for no trespassing signs. The large restored prairie south of the trail system, and north of Jasper County Road 1200 South, is impressive and well worth a gander. Dickcissels nest here in the summer.

TRAIL MAP (Click to enlarge)


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