Dobbs Memorial Park

Indiana Natural Areas: Vigo County



The trail network at Dobbs Memorial Park centers around a small nature center whose positive qualities belie its humble external appearance. Shelter houses and fishing spots at Dobbs Pond hog most of the attention and can be crowded and noisy. On the other hand, trail users are likely to be alone with the mosquitoes. A wetland area lies east of the nature center, and the muddy and occasionally overgrown trail in this area offers a good chance of observing some wildlife. Most of the other trails are too close to the park boundary for my taste, as the backyards of houses press in close. To get away from the houses and the crowds, head north and west of the nature center, toward the Dobbs Park Nature Preserve portion of the park. A trail here passes through what park brochures call a small old growth forest. Certainly, the trees in this area are old and large, and the distance from Dobbs Pond and the park boundary should make your visit to this area relatively peaceful.

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