Cedars Nature Preserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Monroe County



This Sycamore Land Trust property protects 40 acres, including the large stand of cedar trees from which the preserve takes its name. The trail is a long-stemmed figure eight that begins by crossing a beautiful creek. It soon turns left and follows a scenic intermittent tributary of the first creek. If you continue straight at the first junction, youíll pass the remnants of a former quarry; look for large stone blocks scattered about, and a small shed. I canít resist noting that Sycamore Land Trust literature suggests that the original quarry owner may have been a victim of the Titanic disaster. If so, that would have been John Bertram Crafton, one of three Indiana passengers on the doomed vessel and the only one that did not survive. Cedars is a quiet, scenic, tree-filled, and pleasant destination that you probably wonít have to share with many other visitors.

TRAIL MAP (Click to enlarge)


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