Burnett Woods

Indiana Natural Areas: Hendricks County

Burnett Woods comprises sixty-nine acres in a rapidly developing area west of Indianapolis. The original blue-blazed lollipop trail starts at the southwest corner of the woods, and for years comprised the entirety of the trail system. But now a short connecting trail that spans a small creek links the original trail to a second, red-blazed lollipop. The Red Trail heads north from the first, venturing close to the western end of a large and very busy railroad yard. The deep rumble of locomotives seems omnipresent here, and noises from nearby roads and the occasional aircraft passing overhead add to the sonic tableau. Thereís also a side trail that extends from the southwest corner of the Red Trail which ends at the edge of a large mowed field adjacent to the church.

Solomon's Plume

Solomon's Plume

Spring wildflowers are plentiful; Solomonís plume is very thick near the entrance, and mayapple, purple trillium, bloodroot, trout lily, and wild ginger are common throughout. Small footbridges span wetter areas, including a seasonal stream. Pawpaw seems especially common, and larger trees include maple, oak, hickory, and beech. We are fortunate that this property was saved from development. If you can overlook the almost constant noise, Burnett Woods will repay your attention, and it will only get better with time.

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