Bryan Woods

Indiana Natural Areas: Clinton County

Bryan Woods

Bryan Woods

Bryan Woods Nature Preserve features a long-stemmed figure eight trail through woods, including 29 acres of old growth that provide a tantalizing hint of what things were like in central Indiana, long ago. Alas, depending on wind direction you may also catch a whiff of modern times, courtesy of a confined animal feeding operation located just west of the main portion of the preserve.

There are several wooded ponds, and during the spring or especially wet weather, the trail often has standing water. In April and early May, spring wildflowers are generally at their best and the mosquitoes have, with luck, yet to reach stupendous densities. Expect to see great swathes of mayapple, Dutchman's breeches, and spring beauty, along with bloodroot. Trout lily (a.k.a. Adder’s tongue) is especially common, and the population includes many examples of white trout lily. In the warmer months, frogs will serenade you as legions of biting insects eat you alive. Salamanders are common, though hard to spot.

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