Images of Covington Indiana
Historic Architecture

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Images: Covington

Fountain County Courthouse

Fountain County Courthouse, as seen from the east. A local architect designed the building, constructed 1936-1937. It is in downtown Covington between 3rd and 4th Streets, bounded to the north and south by Washington Street and Liberty Street. National Register of Historic Places.

Fountain County Courthouse Detail

This small piece stands two or three feet high on a pedestal outside the east entrance of the Fountain County Courthouse.

Fountain County Courthouse Detail

An interesting lamp outside the east entrance of the Fountain County Courthouse.

Wallace Law Firm

303 West Washington Street in Covington, across from the courthouse.

Covington City Building

The Covington City Building dates from 1903. It is no longer used as a government building; when I took this photo in 2009 it looked like a coffee shop, but also bore signs announcing its availability. The street address is 413 Washington.

Covington Knights of Pythias

Judging by the number of old lodge buildings around the state, the Knights of Pythias were once an important group. This chapter may be one of the few still operating in Indiana; last I checked (a while ago) the K of P website lists a "Tidal Lodge #36" at 302 4th Street. This building is on the northwestern corner of 4th and US 136; it faces west.

Fountain Trust Company

This particular building was being used by an abstract company. The building faces west and is located at 328 4th Street. Apologies for the tilted photo.

300 Block US 136

Several buildings line the south side of the courthouse square in Covington. These structures are in the 300 block of US 136. There are hints of old lettering on the 2nd and 3rd buildings, but not enough for me to decipher. The ground level facades appear substantially altered, but the windows on the second floors seem relatively intact on all three.